Environmental Services

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Campbell has grown into one of the most innovative service companies in Western Canada with new and evolving technologies in the Water Management and Environmental Services Industry. As water management strategies become more and more prevalent on projects throughout various industries, Campbell is proud to be a part of the solution with our revolutionary product the Minion Tank and the cleaning of wastewater within our Solids Control Division. Over the past 15 years, our solids control team has gained the technical centrifuge experience that allows us to manage solids efficiently and effectively in both the Energy and Environmental industries.

Campbell is best known to our clients for our high-performance fleet of Alfa Laval Lynx 40 series centrifuges as well as our complimenting technical service lead by our experienced solids control team.


Dredging is the most responsible way of removing solids from settling ponds and lagoons. In the past ponds were…

Centrifuging and Desludging

The centrifuges and auxiliary equipment for the dewatering of the sludge will be mobilized and rigged up…


The effluent from the pond would be treated with an environmentally safe polymer and then sent to our…

Water Storage

As responsible environmental practices and government regulations continue to advance,
proper water…

Minion Tanks | 400BBL Tanks

Revolutionary alternative to traditional large-volume fluid storage, featuring sealed, reusable fuel bladders.